Bucks Flat Roofing Specialist’s Services

Standard Felt System: This system is a 3 layer felt system. All layers are made up of 3B felt and then either solar reflective paint or white chippings. this system is expected to last for 10 years but this system does not come with a guarantee.

Polyester Felt System: This is also a 3 layer system, we lay 2 layers of 3B felt and then a layer of polyester is stuck onto the 3B then either solar reflective paint or white chippings. The polyester is a lot stronger than 3B. This system is expected to last for 20 years and comes with a 10 year guarantee.

RubberBond Fleeceback System: This system is by far one of the best rubber systems on the market. the rubberbond system has a sheet of fleece stuck onto the back of the rubber which is stuck down onto the boards, the reason why this system is so good is because of the fleece on the back, it allows the boards to expand and contract without disturbing the rubber. The rubber is flexible, so it wont crack, split or tear. It is tough enough to walk on and is also environmentally friendly. This system is expected to last for 50 years and it comes with a 20 years guarantee.

Fibreglass System: This is a totally interrogated system comprising of factory produced GRP membrane sheets and a fully comprehensive range of pre finished edge trims and accessories, all of which have a ready prepared active bonding surface to guarantee total reliability of sealing between components. This comes with a 20 year guarantee.

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